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Fit Over 40 Ebook Review

Fit Over 40

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once said, “The key to good fitness is to understand that you must always prepare to be your best.”

This is excellent advice for men and women over 40 who have decided to recapture their youth and wellbeing through fitness.

When the goal is to improve health and strength, preparation can involve many things.

Research is essential, as is thorough planning. Motivation is absolutely necessary, so is belief.

Seeking help and advice from others is one of the best things you can do to prepare yourself, but you need resources that are accurate and in your best interest.

This is why the ebook Fit Over 40 is an indispensable guide for those who have decided to change their lives for the better through fitness.

Fit Over 40 is written by Jon Benson and Tom Venuto. You may recognize both of these names. Benson has won international acclaim for his body transformation programs.

You may have also read Venuto’s many articles in leading fitness magazines like Iron Man. An interesting fact about the pair is that they come from totally different fitness backgrounds, but both are outstanding examples of the over 40 athlete.

Venuto has been a life-long health and fitness enthusiast and his methods are the result of his many years of training. On the other hand, Benson spent most of his life either sedentary or unhealthy.

It was his diminishing health and desire to overcome age-related problems that drove him to become the athlete that he is today.

The book begins with Benson sharing his personal journey towards fitness from a young age until present. Like many men and women over 40, he spent most of his life mistreating his body until his mistakes caught up with him.

After many years of trial and error, Benson found the right motivation and goals. He finally became an example of fitness and health.

He shares many of the mistakes he made along the way and will help you prepare to make better choices.

The next section of the book has great information for anyone preparing to design their fitness program.

Most people know that there is no “cookie-cutter” style program that will work for everyone. Therefore, Benson and Venuto have done the research and compiled the unique stories of 52 men and women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s who are in peak physical condition.

Each shares their fitness journey and motivational belief system. Each describes their personal exercise and nutritional plans.

One reason this is such a great collection is that every role model has a different background, yet they all reached the same phenomenal success. Many of the people featured in the book were no healthier or active than you when they began their journey towards fitness over 40.

You can use their stories to prepare yourself for your journey. Also, you can use the components of their exercise and nutritional plans that best suit your needs and build your own tailored program.

Finally, Venuto shares tips and strategies to get the same success as those role models.

He emphasizes that you must always prepare yourself by believing you can achieve your goals. He notes some age-related training tips and precautions that should be taken to ensure success and prevent injury.

Finally, he details his “Five Pillars” fitness strategy that focuses on weight training, aerobic training, flexibility training, balanced nutrition, and recovery and renewal. This section will help you design a well-rounded program that focuses on all of the physical and mental aspects of fitness.

If you are over 40 and want to begin a program to achieve health and happiness, you may be a little intimidated and not know where to start.

Fit Over 40 is a great tool to help you prepare a fitness plan that will ensure success. It can guide you to make the right choices when you encounter obstacles.

The book will teach you how to find the right motivation to carry you through your most difficult times. Fit Over 40 can help you prepare to become the best you have ever been.

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  • Johnny Zesati December 31, 2010, 2:42 pm

    I definitely need assistance loosing weight. I can’t believe how fat I am right now. 🙁 I already lost 40 pounds and have to lose 25 more.. ive remained the same bodyweight since june but i cant find inspiration to start up again.

  • Charles Fisher June 23, 2011, 2:17 pm

    I bought this e-book. There is one caveat to Jon Benson’s story. I think the synthetic hormones he’s taking has more to do with his success than his methods. Due to a health issue he developed earlier in his life, Benson’s body doesn’t naturally produce high amount of growth hormones or testosterone. Consequently, he takes synthetic supplements. He says his testosterone level is between 800 – 1,000 with the injections which is what a 25 year old would have.

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