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Using Herbs For Libido Improvement After The Age Of 40

Herbs Libido

After you hit the age of 40, loss of desire in men or in women starts to become quite common.

Once this starts happening, many people lose their desire for life. They live life as if they are holding onto life by a thread.

They’re emotionally unsatisfied, and often, so are their partners.

Low sex drive is when you don’t have a desire to have sex, or your desire is a lot less than usual. A person with low sex drive is also associated with:

QuestionWhy Loss Of Libido Is Becoming More And More Common

Some experts say that we’ve created our own circumstances that led to the development of loss of libido.

For example, years ago, a researcher found that alligators in Florida were not reproducing as they should have been.

Their numbers were dwindling to the lowest of all time.

Now I don’t know about you, but I personally think this isn’t a bad thing…

#1 Reason: Disruption Of Reproductive Hormones In The Environment

Men WomenBut the fact is that the researchers traced the problem to the estrogen-like compounds in the environment that were interfering with reproduction.

If male alligators had too many female hormones, then reproduction wasn’t going to happen. The same thing is true for women.

Increase the estrogen too much from too many estrogen mimickers in the environment and you get a PMS, stressed-out woman who is too bitchy to have sex!

And when the estrogen mimickers increase in the body of men, that’s when you’ll see symptoms such as man boobs, a condition where the man’s breast size starts to grow and essentially look like woman’s breast tissue.

How much sex drive do you think a man with this condition is going to have?

Oh, the power of hormones!

#2 Reason For Loss Of Libido: Diabetes


Diabetes interferes with blood circulation. It interferes with the production of NO or nitric oxide, which is essential to the lovemaking process.

It is associated with neuropathy whereby the nerves to different parts of the body lose their proper function and result in numbness or odd sensations like feelings of coldness, heat, or pins and needles.

#3 Dependence On Prescription Drugs

This problem is just a matter of not knowing that one’s prescription drugs are causing loss of libido.

There is a whole list of medications that can interfere with sexual function, and many of them are used in the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, and pain killers.

Herbs For Libido For Men

1. Muira Puama

Muira PuamaThis herb is used for low libido, fatigue and to enhance sexuality and sensuality.

In France, this herb has been used to treat erectile dysfunction. Working on the nervous system to offer support to it, this herb is great for when a person is stressed out.

And often in life, it’s a matter of dealing with one catastrophe after the next, which doesn’t exactly help create passion in the bedroom.

2. Yohimbe

YohimbeYohimbine is the active ingredient in this herb that the medical profession uses to treat impotency.

However, it can have side effects where the penis stays stiffened for far too long, and causes pain in a man.

The natural herb Yohimbe, however, doesn’t have that side effect.

Gingko3. Ginkgo

Known for effects on increasing circulation, ginkgo has been shown in research to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs.

More blood flow too the organs brings more oxygenation and better functioning of the organ, too.

4. Catuaba

Used for its aphrodisiac properties, Catuaba bark is often combined with Muira Puama.

It increases erotic dreams.

5. Oats

Oats contain beta sitosterol, which can be used as a precursor for testosterone or female hormones. Some experts think it can modulate a man’s hormone levels or a woman’s.

6. Ashwagandha

AshwagandhaUsed for testosterone boosting, this herb has been used for centuries by Indian Ayurvedic physician.

7. Coleus

ColeusThis herb relaxes the smooth muscles and increases circulation to the sexual organs.

8. Stinging Nettles

Stinging NettlesThis herb has been shown in the research to be helpful for testosterone levels.

9. Maca

Maca CapsulesMaca increases nitric oxide which is created during the mating process. It can counteract male impotency.

Herbs For Libido For Women

1. Dong Quai

Dong QuaiThis herb can help modulate female hormones.

Without female hormones that are in the proper ranges, women’s moods are high and low, low and high, and totally unpredictable.

It’s difficult to have proper sexual functioning when moodiness predominates.

Many of the same herbs mentioned above are also used for loss of desire in women, too.

It turns out that the herbs can work in both male and females in many cases.

If you have loss of libido, there are many solutions.

But the most important thing to start with is to check your prescription medications to see if loss of desire in men or loss of desire in women is listed as a side effect.

This simple step has helped a lot of people, who then don’t even need herbs for libido.

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